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Annual Report 2014-2015

Message from the Director Rosario Guimba- Stewart -2015 has been another succesful year for LRMN. We have continued to provide and deliever exceptional quality services to our clients. For more information please have a look at our Annual Report

Annual Report 2013-2014

Message from the Director Rosario Guimba-Stewart -2014 has been another marvelous year! Yet again LRMN has delivered quality and responsive services to its clients! Please read to find out all our wonderful achievements this year.

Annual Report 2012-2013

Message from the Director Rosario Mincher This has been another successful year! Despite the economic gloom and challenges, we are still here, thriving and expanding! I’m glad to present to you our Annual Report which outlines our achievements and the wonderful activities our clients, volunteers and staff have participated in. Happy Reading!!

Children’s Centres Survey

By Lisa Haagensen, October 2013 Aim The aim of this survey is to establish whether Lewisham-based parents and pregnant women who are migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers have access to children’s centres and other related services. To ascertain whether this parent group is marginalised from mainstream services in order to best support these Lewisham-based parents in […]

New Migrants Needs Assessment Survey

By Andreja Mesaric for LRMN, May 2013 Summary LRMN conducted a needs assessment survey aiming to assess the needs of newly arrived migrants living in the borough. We asked 50 of our clients that have been in the UK for 10 years or less to respond to a short survey questionnaire (most of which were […]

Statistical Data on New Migrant Groups in Lewisham

Research by Andreja Mesaric for LRMN, May 2013 This report summarises recent migration trends in the borough of Lewisham, with a focus on new migrant groups1 from Eastern Europe and Latin America. The information presented here has been collated from the 2011 and 2001 national population censuses, with some additional information from other statistical sources. […]

Women’s Project Case Study

Women’s Project Case Study 1 Client A initially self-referred to the Women’s Project on the advice of a friend who had received support here. Originally from Sri-Lanka, A had been detained, raped and tortured on suspicion of being a member of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and had lost contact with her husband following […]

Health and Welfare Case Study

Health & Welfare Case Study 1 A family from Afghanistan was referred to the project by a GP. They were the father, Mr R, the mother, Mrs R and a seven year old boy, S. The family was deeply traumatised from their experiences in Afghanistan after they witnessed a colleague being shot, and the father […]

Asylum and Immigration

Case Study 1 Ms Maya (Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) national) was first referred to the project by Lewisham College for advice and assistance due to the closure of her former advisers and the imminent expiry of her Refugee Status. Ms Maya had been raped, tortured, witnessed the death of her family and was being […]