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Health Access

The broad aim of the project is to address health inequalities in Lewisham, and to ensure that marginalized groups such as refugees and asylum seekers have access to the healthcare they need.

Most of the asylum seekers, refugees and migrants that come through our door, sometimes for something else are already suffering ill health. This is often exacerbated by experiences before or after they come to this country and which may cause traumas. This causes them to present with significant and advanced post-traumatic stress disorder, but what compounds the physical and mental health problems they bring with them is what happens to them here.

The uncertainty of their situation in terms of housing and immigration exacerbates their health problems especially as there are no timescales with the Home Office. The Health Access Officer (HAO) also offers generic support to clients according to individual needs and through this the HAO identifies any health needs for clients.


More information and appointments please call +44 (0) 20 8694 0323 or email